Meditation Script: Rain Visualization for Relaxation

Let us begin by finding a position that is comfortable for you. You might try sitting crisscrossed, or even in a chair. Make sure your back is straight but not tense. Notice anything that might be a bit uncomfortable and just notice it. Notice how it feels in the body. Become aware of any tension… Continue reading Meditation Script: Rain Visualization for Relaxation


How our Past Impacts our Well-Being Today

Last week I saw the movie Eighth Grade by Bo Burnham. This moving filmĀ serves as both a time capsule and a timeless expression of the human condition. Viewers are transported back to eighth grade with a heavy dose of nostalgia, reliving all of eighth grade's trials and tribulations. It was too easy to put myself… Continue reading How our Past Impacts our Well-Being Today


The Importance of Authentic Self-Expression

It is often difficult to feel that our words and thoughts have value. We live in an age where the internet is saturated with carefully curated and likely dishonest self-expression. Sometimes, the idea of sharing ourselves online seems opportunistic, superficial, and vain. So, I decided to reflect and discover the effects of sharing ourselves online.… Continue reading The Importance of Authentic Self-Expression