Meditation Script: Rain Visualization for Relaxation

Let us begin by finding a position that is comfortable for you. You might try sitting crisscrossed, or even in a chair. Make sure your back is straight but not tense. Notice anything that might be a bit uncomfortable and just notice it. Notice how it feels in the body. Become aware of any tension you may be carrying in the body and try your best to release that on your next exhale. Begin to bring your attention to your breath. Maybe place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Feel your chest rise and fall with each breath.

For the next few breathes try to breathe into the belly. Feeling it rise and fall. Keeping the chest stable.

One more breath into the belly. And exhale removing your hands from your chest and belly and place them at your sides again. Allow the breath to fall back into its natural pace.

You are calm, you are relaxed, and you are at peace. Remember that this is your time. There is nothing to worry about, nothing that worrying with solve. It is important to take time for yourself to relax and step back, away from these worries.

Now begin to focus on the sound of the rain. Hear the natural pace of the rain as it changes in speed and weight. Think of the rain falling all over your body, turning you into water. Our bodies are made of water. With it, we share with it the same vibrational frequency. Water, along with the sun, is our life force. So allow the sound of the sacred rain to calm and soothe you.  Thank the rain for cooling, nourishing, and cleansing you. Feel the deep sense of gratitude towards the water and its life-giving powers.

Now we are going to begin the visualization. If at any point you mind drifts, try to gently guide yourself back to the sound of my voice.

Allow your mind to follow the path of a raindrop, beginning in the raincloud where it starts to form. Imagine the droplet as it begins to fall. Follow the raindrop as it falls effortlessly through the sky. It purifies the air around it. Cleansing the atmosphere, and getting ready to nourish the earth below.

Follow the raindrop as it falls landing in a green, springtime forest. It begins to seep into the lush forest ground, hydrating the soil, preparing it for new life.

Parts of the raindrop enter the roots of a tree, traveling up the trunk into the branches, nourishing the tree. And later evaporating through the leaves, transforming into oxygen and moving through the fresh air.

Imagine that oxygen entering through your nose on your next inhale. Feel the coolness of the air. Imagine the power of the rain cleansing and nourishing your body just like it does to the earth and trees. Allow the air to calm and soothe you.

And as you exhale imagine providing the trees and plants with the nourishment they need. Again Inhale taking in nature’s gift of oxygen and exhale thanking nature by giving back what you can offer.

As you inhale say the following mantra to yourself: I see myself as still water. On the exhale say to yourself: I reflect things as they are. Inhale: I see myself as still water, Exhale: I reflect things as they are

Really try to imagine yourself as water

Inhale: I see myself as water. Exhale: I am calm, cool, and clean. Inhale: I see myself as water. Exhale: I am calm, cool, and clean

Remember that you are a part of nature. That you are perfect just as you are, just as nature is. That you are a part of the natural process of the universe. That you deserve all that the universe has to offer, designed just for you. Just like every raindrop, you have a purpose on this earth. Allow the universe to protect you and to nourish you, giving you the strength to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes. Coming back into your body. Carrying the calmness and power of water with you as you open your eyes and get ready to continue to go about your day.

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